Looking for Migraine Relief in the Vista CA Region?

Mori Medical Equipment Is Where You Can Find The FDA Approved Cefaly ® Anti-Migraine Device

Cefaly® is a recently introduced medical appliance developed with the purpose to address relief of migraine pain without utilizing medication. It uses TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ) technology to engage the pain center of the brain, resulting in the production of endorphins to relieve migraine discomfort. When used consistently and according to directions, studies have shown that the Cefaly® medical device can lessen the frequency of migraine onset.

The Cefaly® medical device is currently available in three models. The patient or their attending physician can select the option which best suits the patient’s specific situation.

  • The ACUTE model provides one setting and is intended for the acute treatment of migraine attacks to stop or relieve migraine headache pain. The acute setting is a one-hour session with a high impulse frequency that must be used during a migraine attack; preferably at the beginning of an attack.
  • The PREVENT model provides one setting and is intended for migraine prevention. The prevent setting is a 20-minute session with a low impulse frequency to be used daily; preferably in the evening.
  • The DUAL model has two settings: the acute setting (one-hour single session with a high impulse frequency to be used during the migraine attack) and the prevent setting (20-minute session with a low frequency to be used daily).

For additional information regarding the Cefaly® medical device, please click here to visit the manufacturers informative and user friendly web site.

Mori Medical Equipment Serves the Metro San Diego Region and San Diego County

San Diego Home Medical Equipment

Find the FDA approved Cefaly® migraine treatment device at Mori Medical Equipment, a full service medical equipment and supply provider serving the entire San Diego County region. Click here to go to the Cefaly® information at their web site.

Mori Medical Equipment takes great pride in keeping abreast of current developments in home medical equipment technology. In addition to the Cefaly® medical device, they also offer recent DME (durable medical equipment) breakthroughs like the Upwalker mobility device and the VOCSN respiratory ventilator device.

Mori Medical Equipment is also patient friendly, offering rent-to-own programs for qualifying customers.

Visit their web site by clicking here or call them today at 760-659-4200. Their patient-focused associates will gladly assist you with any questions about their medical equipment and supply offerings.

You can also find Mori Medical Equipment at Facebook, or at Rent It Today.

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