How to Keep Your CADD Prizm Infusion Pumps in Great Working Condition

Infusystem Is The Answer

Home infusion pharmacies, specialty clinics, surgical centers, hospitals and medical facilities often have a significant investment in CADD Prizm infusion pumps.

Smiths Medical, the manufacturer of the CADD Prizm line, no longer offers support for these ambulatory pumps. Medical facilities wishing to continue to utilize the CADD Prizm pumps and keep them in great working condition can choose to utilize the services of Infusystem when requiring the support which Smiths Medical no longer provides.

Infusystem serves all 50 states and more than 1,800 care sites. Medical professionals trust Infusystem as a cost effective source for their full-service infusion pump services.

To learn more about Infusystems world class service, please click here or simply call 800-658-5582. Your call will be directly answered by a knowledgeable Infusystem associate without having to navigate a phone tree menu. Customer focus starts with the way they answer calls!

As a full service infusion pump provider, Infusystem offers comprehensive programs covering all aspects of infusion pumps. Of course, they also rent and lease pole mounted, ambulatory, and syringe pumps. To visit their solutions for temporary needs, please click here.

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