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Category Video Update:  Medical Equipment Rentals at Rent It Today

This video featuring the durable and commercial Medical Equipment Rental industry is the 2nd equipment rental video in a series featuring some of Rent It Today’s more popular categories.

This entertaining HD video showcases home medical equipment, surgical tools, hospital devices and healthcare supply rentals. Specific equipment highlighted in this video include respiratory equipment, oxygen concentrators, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, hospital beds, accessible vans, C-Arms and other medical supplies.

The video was produced by Roger Akers, who added these notes following production…”I really wanted to have a clean, clinical feel for this video. The bright, white aesthetic was inspired by a hospital waiting room – If you look closely you can see the caduceus (the medical logo) and the various medical equipment photos reflect off the “Floor”.

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MRI Machine Rental

Ultrasound Machines

Anesthesia Systems

Respiratory Equipment

Endoscopy EquipmentHospital Bed RentalInfusion Pump Rental

Wheelchair Vans

Patient Lift Rental

Mobility Scooter Rental

Bariatric Equipment Rental

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