Photo Equipment Rentals

CSI Rentals wrote the following piece discussing the merit of renting photo or broadcast equipment in today’s ‘need-it-now’ lifestyle for the professional photographer.


Sony PMW EX3


In keeping with today’s convenience oriented lifestyle,  many services are offered to fill many varied needs ASAP, whether  for personal or business  purposes.  And there are new services and web sites popping up daily.

The upside of this new trend is that almost everything under the sun is available for rent and there is no need to stretch your budget in order for you to enjoy the latest technology and equipment.

This holds particularly true in the world of photography and video equipment, where the photo industry is experiencing a major shift, what with digital technology taking over the photo / film industry at a very fast clip. It is becoming increasing more difficult, and expensive, for photography professionals, as well as amateurs and photography buffs, to stay up to date with the latest and newest equipment on the scene.

We all know that in order to do a good shoot, you need the right tools to get the job done. Whether it is the latest digital SLR, or just the right lens  or flash for your project, you need the right equipment, and you need it now.

Rent It Today has simplified finding the right tools NOW, right when you need it, by directing you to the Photography Equipment Rental Connection in your area.  CSI Rentals, in tandem with Rent It  Today will get you what you need, when you need it.  Give us a try and search Camera Rentals at

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