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A few years ago, when Rent It Today first started picking up speed, I told my partner we needed a new rental category to serve a growing segment of the rental industry: Baby Equipment Rentals.  At first he was unsure, however after a short discussion and a few quick Google searches it became clear Baby Gear was a significant rental category.  Especially when considering the drastic changes in air travel & airline luggage allowance policies.  Coupled with how well it complemented our rapidly growing vacation rentals, adding baby items for rent became a no-brainer.

After all, who wants to haul around baby gear when you can rent it at your destination? Clean, sanitized, delivered and when you’re ready to head for home, it’s picked up. Easy!

Where to find Baby Gear Rental Phoenix AZ

Traveling Baby Company (TBC) serves the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, and Surprise, AZ  Metro region. They can provide all your babies needs for both residents and visitors. Place your order and they will have everything prepared for you upon your arrival.

Phoenix features no small selection of sights and adventures that are enjoyable for the whole family. Traveling Baby Company aids parents by providing essential baby gear that one may find inconvenient or impractical to bring along.

Carrying name brand equipment manufactured by some of the most trusted names in the infant world, you can rely on TBC to have all the necessary items you may need in stock.

For families who are planning on hiking, visiting the museums or shopping around the Phoenix, AZ area, TBC has rugged strollers suitable for the greater outdoors, double strollers for families with multiple children, canopied strollers to help beat the summer heat and even infant strollers that are compatible with our infant car seat and base so you can easily move your infant from car to stroller without disrupting them.

Baby Gear Rentals For All Your Travel Needs In Metro Phoenix

Rent Baby Gear

If you plan on staying in a hotel or with a family member, TBC offers multiple choices for your children’s sleeping needs. You can rely on TBC to provide cribs, Pack-N-Play’s, Bassinets, playpens, bed rails, and even toddler beds so that your children can sleep comfortably and safely in a familiar environment. The company takes great care in ensuring that all baby gear is cleaned and sterilized so that your child will always receive the best treatment in the industry.

As our client you have the option of picking up your equipment or having it delivered to your hotel or even at the airport. For our larger items such as the baby cribs, one of our expert technicians will set it up for you so you can spend your time enjoying your family.

Traveling Baby Company carries all the items that you will ever need to have a safe and enjoyable vacation or trip. In addition to necessities, we offer toys and play sets as well. From a basket of toys to exersausers and even pool toys, your family is sure to have a much more enjoyable trip.

Whatever your needs may be, TBC clients can rely on the outfitter to provide high quality, reliable and affordable baby gear rentals to ensure that all of your needs are met when traveling in the Phoenix, AZ area.

To visit their rental store, just click here.

To View All Baby Equipment Rentals at Rent It Today, Please Click Here.

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  • Amelia Thomas

    When selecting baby furniture, I always choose the brand with top of the line quality even if it costs more.

  • Brian Lee

    This is such a good business..If the parents are too busy,and they could not easily provide what their baby wanted well,Anything for Baby rental service is such a big help…The things that they were offering is affordable and reliable…