Find the Revolutionary Upwalker from Lifewalker at Mori Medical in San Diego

Mori Medical San Diego CA Upwalker Lifewalker Sales

 Enables Walking Upright Comfortably, Balanced, with Less Risk of Falling


Mori Medical of Vista, CA is where you can now find the Upwalker, the revolutionary new alternative to old fashioned walkers, rollators and canes.

The Upwalker allows you to walk totally upright and balanced, eliminating hunched over shoulders, keeping you in an erect posture, and taking pressure off your back, knees, and ankles. It can give you the ability to comfortably do what you want to do.

This ingenuous mobility medical equipment is a safer, more secure way to get you up on your feet again. With noticeably less stress on your back and lower extremities, there is more incentive to get up and move around. Imagine walking with a normal gait again!


Find San Diego CA Upwalker Lifewalker Sales Mori Medical

The Upwalker gives you increased stability, so there is less risk of falling. Many users report the fear of falling is virtually eliminated, benefiting the user as well as their loved ones.

The Upwalker is lightweight so you can easily navigate a step, get through a doorway, or around tight spaces.

This medical equipment easily folds up for transport, is adjustable to your height, and features readily accessible hand brakes for your safety.

User friendly amenities include a sliding seat, padded sit-to-stand handles, and sturdy 8 inch diameter wheels that enable movement over a variety of terrains.

Call or visit Mori Medical today to learn more about the Upwalker. 760-659-4200  Mori Medical serves the northern San Diego, California metro area.


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