City Car Sharing Gives Urban Mobility a Turbocharge

City Car SharingCity car sharing is an emerging personal transportation business and its benefits promise to make it a growing option for urban vehicle travel in the years ahead.  Getting online with a car sharing network allows convenient, affordable access to a fleet of vehicles in your neighborhood and across the city. You pay only when you use the vehicle.

A vehicle can be reserved by phone, smartphone or Internet 24-hours-a-day.  Choose an auto that best suits your needs and then use it for as long as you need it, be it few hours up to a week or more. Pay per trip, and forget about the duties that come with car ownership like maintenance and repair. Imagine finding reduced car insurance premiums or perhaps even no monthly parking bills in your mailbox.

It is estimated that roughly 75% of Americans live in cities. Many find it difficult to justify the expense and hassle of owning a car because they do not drive it frequently. Nevertheless, giving up the freedom which a personal car brings is a difficult choice.

Car Sharing Is Environmentally Friendly

Car sharing rental programs allow you access to a car when you need it, while sparing you from the time consuming responsibilities and the expenses of owning it. If you drive less than 7,500 miles a year and you don’t require a vehicle for work every day, car sharing offers the potential to save you thousands of dollars a year without sacrificing mobility.

The concept of city car sharing has not yet become mainstream, but it has evolved into a new form in some metropolitan areas. The morphed version is called peer-to-peer car sharing, and is also referred to as distributed car sharing, neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing or car sharing 2.0. In this model, individual car owners rent out their personal vehicles for short periods, thus generating money with their cars while providing a service to the community.

Automobile rentals go green


Sharing car rental programs help lessen congestion and parking demand by lowering the quantity of autos needed to serve the transportation demands of a given area . Those who car share can also feel good knowing they are reducing resource consumption and pollution. City car sharing is beneficial for the environment and the health of our planet.

The vehicle of the future is here, and it will be shared. Of course,  if it strikes your fancy, you can still grab a taxi, take the train, walk, ride a bike or take the bus. Because it bestows many benefits, the practice of car sharing will serve as a major facet in the future of transit and transportation.

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