How To Avoid A Growing Home Medical Equipment Scam

Update on home medical equipment

Con Artists Target Seniors and Their Physicians.

There are numerous benefits in renting durable home medical equipment. One of them is the expectation the medical device will be returned to the rental provider. So medical equipment rental is less susceptible to miscreants looking to make an unscrupulous buck.

Muncie, Indiana NBC affiliate WTHR recently did a comprehensive story on a growing medical equipment scam primarily targeting seniors.

And if you think this scam affects only seniors, think again. As the story reveals, the bill is paid in many cases by you, the United States taxpayer.

Fortunately the story also educates the viewer/reader on how to limit exposure to this scam, or stop it cold.

Janeise Hendree says the harassing phone calls come so frequently, at times she doesn’t want to answer her phone.

“Sometimes I get up to ten calls a day,” the Muncie great grandmother told WTHR. “They just want to talk to me about the back brace and arm braces and stuff I had ordered. And I said ‘I hadn’t ordered anything like that.’”

But the telemarketers send the medical equipment anyway – lots of it: several wrist splints, hand splint extensions, an arm abduction system, a shoulder immobilizer and two back braces. Hendree points out she has….click here to continue.

If you get a suspicious call soliciting money, tell the caller you only buy pizza over the phone.

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