Utility Line Workers in Bucket Truck Rentals Have Dangerous Jobs

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Power line repair after a blizzard blanked Montana and the Dakotas

How Dangerous? It’s One of the Ten Most Hazardous Jobs.

Individuals who install, maintain, and repair utility lines keep electric power available to our homes and businesses. They are rarely recognized for their invaluable service.

Electricity is readily available at the flick of a switch, the push of a button, or the insertion of a plug into an outlet.

The ease with which we can access power is conversely proportional to the difficulty in building, repairing and maintaining the infrastructure which delivers power from the generation point to its destination.

Transmission and Distribution World (TDWorld.com) recently observed utility line workers are engaged in one of the top ten most dangerous professions, based on annual fatalities.

These men and women serve their communities without applause or even much notice …and without bagpipes.

David had been working most of the night during the biggest storm of the year. Around midnight David’s boom truck crew was called to restore service to a rural home. A falling tree had knocked loose the service drop. All that remained intact was…click here to continue.

Rent it Today is proud to work with companies who assist in keeping power available by renting bucket trucks, boom trucks and aerial lifts. Thank you!


image: wapa.gov

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