North to Alaska! Rent It Today Welcomes Alaskare Home Medical

Alaskare Home Medical Equipment | Soldotna AK

Find Home Medical Equipment & Supplies On Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula

Located about 150 miles south of Alaska’s capital city of Anchorage, Soldatna is home to Alaskare Home Medical Equipment.

Alaskare Home Medical Equipment offers affordable, quality home healthcare solutions for residents of and visitors to the Kanai Peninsula.

Alaskare’s knowledgeable staff assists, customers, patients, and medical practitioners in selecting the optimal option from their full range of medical equipment and supplies.

Alaskare also offers educational information designed to help you gain a better understanding of your condition and treatment options. Their mission is allowing their customers to keep their energy focused on their health.

They are the best of the best! Polite, helpful and honest! I believe they are the Peninsula’s only medical supply company that’s still owned and operated by Alaskans for Alaskans. That means a great deal to me! From the delivery person to the people filling orders, every contact I’ve had with them has been just great!

-Facebook review

To learn more about renting home medical equipment from Alaskare, click here to visit their rental store.

Or call them at: 907-260-4463

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