Hurricanes Irma & Harvey Have People in Search of Rentals

Hurricane Irma Has People in need of medical equipment rentals

Rent It Today’s Call Center Is Helping Hurricane Victims Find Rentals…

As Hurricane Irma began barreling down on Florida last week our phone lines were lighting up with calls from displaced residents in need of medical equipment rentals.

Regretfully it is never easy when you have to leave your home because of a natural disaster. However, it is much more difficult when you have special needs and/or things you need that had to be left behind.

Hurricanes Irma & Harvey Create Increased Demand For Rental Resources…

Rent It Today’s call center representatives have been busy helping people in need of medical equipment after having to evacuate Houston, TX following Hurricane Harvey and those fleeing areas of Florida in order to escape Irma’s path.

From¬†satellite phones, baby equipment,¬†oxygen concentrators & mobility scooters to types of construction equipment rentals like portable generators, light towers, and pumps…our call center is working hard to help people affected by the Harvey and Irma Hurricane disasters find the resources they need from local and national rental companies.

Need Help Finding Medical Equipment or Other Items For Rent Call Us…

If you know someone from Florida or Texas that needs to rent medical equipment or find other rental resources after being displaced or relocated have them give us a call at 859-816-1656.

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