Refurbished C-Arms Can Offer Upgraded Performance

Your Medical Imaging Equipment Can Still Meet or Exceed Original Factory Specifications.

While using C-arm imaging equipment in pain management, orthopedic surgery, vascular or cardiac procedures, time can take its toll. Not only does mobile fluoroscopy equipment become outdated, it can also suffer wear and tear. The  x-ray machine is mobile and is thus subjected to bumps and bruises from constant movement and relocation.

The machine over time collects dust, lint, and debris which gradually reduces functionality and creates spots or artifacts in the image.

When employed in surgical settings, C-Arms have the potential to come in contact with biohazards.  In order to prevent exposure to blood borne pathogens, internal and external cleaning of medical imaging equipment benefits practitioners, technicians, and patients.

Kraft Medical Imaging


Kraft Medical has a refurbishment team with over 30 years experience in medical imaging. Rent It Today recently interviewed Austin Kraft, company President.

“We have a great refurbishing team that refurbishes the equipment to ‘as new’ specs, sometimes better, because technology changes. Newer monitors are brighter and they are flat panel monitors now versus the old CRT, so when we upgrade a piece of equipment we will supply it with a flat panel monitor. We can actually make a piece of equipment better than it was when it was brand new 5 or 10 years ago,” Kraft explained.

A completed refurbished system looks like new and in many cases actually outperforms the original mobile fluoroscopy equipment with the addition of system and/or equipment upgrades.

The system is set up, internal components are validated for performance, and necessary repairs, replacements and adjustments are made. The refurbishment process includes final testing and calibrations to comply with state and federal guidelines for radiation dose and patient safety.

Kraft Medical is a trusted provider of medical imaging equipment rentals, sales, service and parts.

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