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Rent It Today has thousands of residential home rentals and vacation rental properties throughout North America.  When you advertise, market, & list your rental properties on Rent It Today, they are automatically placed across a network of  over 250 additional websites.  More importantly, our rental listings reach millions of unique visitors per month!

Examples of Rent It Today's Extended Network

Rent It Today’s Extended Network of Residential & Vacation Rental Listings

Rent It Today is committed to providing our customer’s rental listings with a tremendous amount of marketing exposure.   One powerful way we promote our Home Rental, Apartment Rental, and Vacation Rental listings is by exporting them across a network of  over 250 websites.  The purpose of this article is to introduce Rent It Today’s extended marketing network including websites like, oodle, Vast, HotPads and OLX.

Today we are featuring, who produces an ever increasing stream of referral traffic and leads for our Long-Term Rental Property Listings.

Rentbits, who’s mission is to organize all of the world’s rental information, is a rental search engine that launched in 2008 by a couple of Ex-Googlers and Technologists. currently offers one place for renters to search across 400 different rental sources and indexes over 500,000 active rental properties daily.

Rentbits collects rental data in a variety of ways. The first is through direct free postings by users (post your rental for free). The second is through crawling the web, and the third is getting fed listings from major listing services.

The data that rentbits collects allows for a comprehensive search solution as well as other features like average rental rates that has a collection of historical rates from over 7,000,000 listings. (Rental Statistics) rentBits monetizes its traffic through monthly paid listings and CPC advertising.
Rent It Today would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our advertising and marketing partners for their tremendous services including rentBits, OLX, Hotpads, Cazoodle, RentedSpaces (to name a few).
Finally a special thanks to: a giant in the classified listing industry which feeds our listings to over 250 websites! is one of our strongest lead producing networks, which features our listings on its publisher network, including, AOL,,, and more.

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