Differences Between a Digger Derrick and Pressure Digger


Digger Derrick vs Pressure Digger

Digger derricks and pressure drills–at first glance they may look the same but they’re not. They both have a specific purpose and are designed to meet different needs, they’re also two of the most popular products offered at Sagon Trucks. To clear up the confusion we will look at a variety of digger derrick and pressure drill trucks available at Sagon Trucks and what the main differences are between the two.

Digger Derrick

What is a Digger Derrick?

Digger derricks can be attached to a utility truck or be an attachment for a variety of heavy equipment, including skid steers. These augers are mounted to an articulating arm on the utility truck where the operator is seated. Sagon Trucks offers a wide-variety of diggers ranging from back easement, track and truck units, with sheave heights ranging from 32′ to 80′ and winch capacities from 3,800lbs to 15,000lbs. Terex, Skylift, Elliott, SDP and Versalift are the brands offered at Sagon Trucks. Track digger derricks are also available for rough terrains.

Digger Derrick Uses: A standard digger derrick can be used to drill holes in soil for telephone/utility poles, dig holes for signs, screw anchors.


EZ Hauler by SDP Manufacturing. Used for Back Easement (underground power line tie-in)

Track mini-derrick machines (pictured above) can also be used to drill and dig holes for utility and back easement purposes. These track digger derricks can do the same thing that a line-truck can do, only they can operate in confined spaces that are hard to navigate. Sagon Trucks offers a wide-range of back easement digger derricks from SDP Manufacturing. These mini-derricks have a sheave height ranging from 33′ to 43′ with a boom capacity ranging from 3,400lbs to 5,500lbs.

Pressure Digger in operation

What is a Pressure Digger?

The pressure digger drill is essentially a heavy duty version of the standard digger derrick auger with a few exceptions. Firstly, the auger drill is wider (6 ft) and can drill at deeper depths (40-50 ft deep). Sagon Trucks carries a complete line of pressure drills and diggers, offering a wide range of drilling speeds, torque, track and truck mount units. Several pressure drill models are available from industry manufacturers like: Terex, Watson and LoDril. These digger drills can be attached to excavator arms but they’re also available on wheeled trucked and track units.

Pressure Digger Uses: digging holes for highway traffic sign poles, windmill foundations, oil drilling. Industries serviced by these drills include: residential, light commercial, heavy commercial, oilfield, transmission/power line, electrical distribution.

Pressure Digger Drill on Flatbed Truck

Pressure Digger drilling high way sign holes.

Rent Digger Derrick or Pressure Digger from Sagon Trucks

Sagon Trucks is a leading equipment and service provider for the utility industry.

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