Winter Safety Tips for Utility Lineman

Winter Storms = Power Outages

Winter storms bring power lines down every year in the United States. The January 2016 Blizzard hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast states heavy, causing snowfall up to 3ft. of snow in areas, leading to power outages and $500 million in damages/$3 billion in economic losses. As densely populated areas endure cold temperatures from power outages, the brave utility lineman climb into bucket trucks to work in blistering cold winds to repair damaged power lines every winter. If you’re a utility pole worker, here’s a brief safety refresher for this coming winter season. It might just save your life.

Utility Lineman Operating a Boom Lift

Wear the Right Clothing

Synthetic fibers are the best in extreme conditions. When working hard in cold weather, sweat can form quickly under your clothing. Cotton dries slower than synthetic fibers like polyester, which wicks away sweat from your skin. Limiting the potential for illness. Fleece and wool materials are great for layering and retaining heat.


Get Plenty of Calories and Keep Yourself Hydrated

When performing strenuous manual labor in low temperatures, foods high in fat provide your body with the fuel it requires to keep warm and alert. When blood sugar runs low in high altitudes, you become drowsy–opening yourself up high risk danger when working on power lines that are live. Peanut butter sandwiches, eggs, toast and other foods are ideal.

All lineman bring a thermos with them to store drinking fluid. When working in the cold wind, moisture is quickly removed from the air and workers lose hydration just by breathing. Doubly true for workers who seat profusely in a manual labor setting. Keep yourself hydrated with water, sports drinks like Gatorade or coffee. The caffeine will be useful and warm.


NESCO Rentals: A Leader in Utility Equipment Rentals

NESCO Rentals is a leading equipment and service provider for the utility industry, providing aerial devices, bucket trucks and cranes, cable pullers, diggers, pressure drills, stringing gear, repair parts, tools and accessories. NESCO maintains one of the industry’s largest rental fleets and service networks in the country.

NESCO Rentals offers Utility Equipment Outfitters: a one-stop solution for utility lineman to find all the safety equipment they need to perform their jobs. Personal protective equipment, harnesses, clothing and rubber goods can be purchased to ensure safety while working on a power line this winter.


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