Options in Bucket Trucks Available For Rent

Cherry Picker Rentals

Aerial work trucks available for rental come in several varieties

Which Truck Rental Is Right For Your Job?

Whether you call it a bucket truck or a cherry picker, this versatile aerial device vehicle is available for rent with several options.

Here we will help you choose the bucket truck rental which best fits the requirements for your job.

Insulated or Non-Insulated Booms

Bucket trucks come with one of two types of booms: insulated and non-insulated. insulated bucket truck rentlal

Insulated bucket trucks are primarily employed by contractors in the electric utility, light and sign industries.

The insulated cherry picker boom features a fiberglass component which prevents electrical current from being conducted through it should the boom come in contact with a live power source.  It is important to make sure the entire boom is insulated.

Non-insulated booms offer no significant protection from any contact with an electric current.  Non-insulated bucket trucks are commonly employed by contractors in the telephone or cable TV industry, where the job site presents minimal risk of coming in contact with an energized power line.

It is important to be aware both insulated and non-insulated can have a boom tip consisting of a a metal structure which is not insulated. Markings on the upper part of the boom indicate the area of the boom which lacks insulation. Shields installed at the boom tip are there to protect components, and may not be intended to insulate.  Rental truck providers are familiar with the guidelines found within the manufacturer’s operator manuals and should be consulted for guidance on proper and safe operation.

Bucket or Platform

The operator work station at the end of the boom is either a bucket or a platform. Some buckets are equipped as material handlers, for lifting tools and material to the work area. Be sure you take precautions as you use material handlers, as those components could come in contact with power lines.

Controls – Two Control Stations

Whether insulated or non-insulated, two control stations are standard on a bucket truck. The upper control station is found within the confines of the bucket or just outside the bucket and within reach of the bucket occupant. The second control station is located at the base of the boom and is referred to as the lower control station.  Like the boom itself, these controls will be either insulated or non-insulated.

The lower control station has two primary functions: to check the bucket for proper operation before commencing work each day, and to control the upper bucket control as necessary. The lower control is engineered to override the upper control in the event of an emergency.

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Sagon Trucks Rentals Can Help Get Your Job Up and Running 

Sagon Trucks carries a complete line of aerial devices for the transmission, distribution, telecommunications, construction, lighting and sign industries. Their fleet includes a wide variety of truck and track units: 500KV/barehand, insulating/non-insulating, telescopic/articulating and overcenter/non-overcenter.

Sagon Truck’s inventory includes aerial devices, boom trucks, cranes, diggers, drills, stringing gear, trailers and specialty tools for dozens of industries including: foundation, telecommunications, utility construction, and many others.

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