5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Cheap ways to add wow to your kitchen

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Tired of looking at those same old cabinets or that boring backsplash in your kitchen? Want to add a little “wow” without breaking the bank? Below, we’ve shared a handful of ideas from Nancy Mitchell for Apartment Therapy. It’s time to turn your home’s kitchen from drab to fab!

Paint just your lower (or upper) cabinets.

Mitchell says that two-tone cabinets are a big trend. To get the look, you just need to paint half your kitchen’s cabinetry. For instance, painting lower cabinets a darker color and leaving the upper cabinets white, can “help upper cabinets disappear into the wall and make the room seem more open.”

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Add wallpaper inside your cabinets.

Mitchell says that lining your cabinets with wallpaper is a cheap way to “perk up your kitchen.” Bonus points if your cabinet doors are glass, she says.

Small Kitchen Remodeling

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Paint your backsplash.

Mitchell says that painting the wall between upper and lower cabinets (assuming you don’t have a backsplash) will “add a little cheerful color to your kitchen.” Mitchell recommends using a high-gloss paint so it’s easier to clean.

Retro Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel

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Add a vintage piece

Mitchell recommends adding a vintage island, hutch, or small cabinet to add some character to your kitchen without the hassle of a remodel or spending a lot of money.

DIY Backsplash Tile

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Re-tile your backsplash

Mitchell says this upgrade can be time-consuming, but is pretty simply. With tile, you have lots of options at lots of price points. Mitchell recommends a subway tile which is popular and can be laid in different patterns.

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