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Rent Cruise Ship Vacation Mobility and Medical Equipment

Rent a mobility scooter for cruises & hotels around the world. Need a scooter? Special Needs at Sea has you covered!

Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea is the place for individuals planning a cruise ship vacation to find qualified, competent help for their unique requirements. They serve people who love to travel and who benefit by employing mobility aides, oxygen or other equipment to ensure peace of mind and an enjoyable travel experience.

You want travel to be easy, comfortable and accessible.  With trained delivery agents in over 150 cities across 35 countries around the globe, choose the undisputed industry leader in cruise rentals and the sole company referred by every major cruise line.

Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea has met the needs of thousands of men, women and children. Their passion is travel coupled with a conviction that the fun and adventure of exploring the world should be available to everyone, including those coping with physical challenges.

Cruise Ships Special Needs

Partnerships with world renowned cruise lines like Carnival, Cunard, Disney, and Royal Carribbean have led to expanded opportunities for travel and a streamlined process for durable medical equipment delivery.  While proud of their service record, they continue to strive to push the envelope and further advance special needs travel.  Special Needs recently launched the first Certified Accessible Travel Advocate program that trains travel agents worldwide on how to address the needs of slower walkers and disabled travelers. Just another example of how Special Needs Group is a wise choice for mobility scooter rentals and more.

Special Needs Group rents a wide range of special needs equipment for your cruise vacation including wheelchairs, power chair and scooters, oxygen units and oxygen rentals, audio and visual aide rentals, baby crib rentals and other essentials. For your convenience, rental equipment can be delivered directly to your cruise state room, your hotel, or even to a resort, theme park or convention center.

With each delivery and pick-up comes the satisfaction of knowing Special Needs has just made someone’s trip more enjoyable, and perhaps even possible.

Cruise Line Medical Equipment Rentals

For more information, find the rental store at your cruise ship port by clicking here.



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