Rent Durable Medical Equipment in Jackson Hole, WY Area

If you’re traveling to Jackson, Wyoming and are worried about finding affordable and reliable medical equipment to meet your needs, look no further than Western Medical Equipment. Servicing the Jackson Hole area since 2010, Western Medical is dedicated to providing medical supplies for operative and acute injury recovery, cooling and compression, edema reduction, and pain management.

The Teton mountain range is one of the most pristine national parks in the United States and the travel statistics back the claim. In 2015, over 3.1 recreational visitors traveled to Grand Teton National Park and the number is anticipated to grow. Many travelers with health issues require reliable medical equipment that’s affordable as well as readily available. At Western Medical, the stock of medical supplies is diverse to meet the needs of virtually anyone and the equipment can be shipped the same day as the order is placed. They’re ready to meet the demand.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Conveniently located at the base of the Teton Mountain range, Western Medical receives routine rental inquiries for their wide array of durable medical equipment. Hospital beds, portable oxygen concentrators, knee walkers, breast pumps, transport chairs, mobility scooters and many more items can be reserved in the Jackson Hole area or shipped to wherever you need them.

Available Medical Equipment Rentals Near Grand Tetons


4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter

These Go-Go mobility scooters are made for outdoor and indoor travel. Equipped with reliable front and rear suspension and 11.4 inch balloon tires, users will be able to negotiate gravel and offroad trails. The comfortable captain seat swivels and reclines, allowing for accommodation of users of various sizes.


Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Although the Eclipse line has continued with new models, the Eclipse 3 POC is small, lightweight and provides both continuous flow and pulse dose therapy. Users will get up to 5-hours of battery power out a single battery. Switching batteries is quick and easy.

Game Ready Post-Op Recovery Unit

Game Ready Cold Therapy Unit

The Game Ready Post-Op Recovery Therapy Unit integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a revolutionary treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-operative recovery. Now you can simply and simultaneously apply active pneumatic (air) compression and adjustable cold therapies to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and speed and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

Jackson Wyoming Medical Equipment Sales & Rentals

Servicing the Jackson Hole area since 2010, Western Medical Equipment’s primary focus is post operative recovery and acute injury recovery, especially in the areas of improving range of motion, cooling and compression, reducing edema, mobility and pain management.

Western Medical Equipment-Jackson, Wyoming carries a wide array of durable medical equipment like: hospital beds, patient lifts, portable ramps, knee scooters, power scooters, breast pumps, manual and electric wheelchairs. We are proud to offer top products from industry leaders; Pride Mobility, Roscoe Medical, Sunrise Medical, Medline, Drive Medical, and EZ Access products.


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