Avoid These 3 DIY Home Remodeling Upgrades

Home upgrades not worth the investment

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When it comes to making improvements around your home, you should know that not all upgrades are created equal. For instance, while you might love having a pool, a potential buyer might see it as nothing more than a constant maintenance project. Below, we’ve shared a list of home upgrades that might not be worth the investment, no matter how much you may love them, courtesy of Paula Paint for Trulia.


Adding a pool

Paint says that a pool can be “hit-or-miss when it comes to added value.” If you live in a warm climate, buyers might be more attracted to a pool, but often the return is not enough to pay for the pool itself, says Paint. The likelihood of recouping the money spent on installation, operation and maintenance is pretty low. In addition, the safety risks and maintenance of a pool could turn off some buyers.


Highly custom design decisions

Paint notes that your idea of a dream kitchen might not be everyone’s dream. Therefore, she advises against renovations that are too personalized, such as high end marble tile for a backsplash or an ornate beveled edge countertop. If you’re going to upgrade your kitchen, she says, stick with “neutral, builder-grade design decisions.”

DIY Room Conversion Ideas


Room conversions

Paint says that getting rid of expected spaces, such as a spare bedroom, in favor of say, a walk-in closet or recording studio, could drop your listing. Most buyers won’t share your interests, she says, and prefer that extra bedroom for guests or children.

To read the rest of Paint’s list of home upgrades that aren’t worth the investment, click here to read the rest of her article in its entirety.

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