These 5 Updates Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Five home upgrades to boost home values

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As the housing market continues to recover, many homeowners are taking advantage of low interest rates to make some much needed improvements to their home. Such improvements can often boost the value of the home – if they’re done right. Below, we’ve shared a list of five upgrades that could increase the value of your home, especially in the short-term, courtesy of Realtor Mag. Enjoy!


Open up the space

Realtor Mag suggests creating more space, either by removing a kitchen island or taking out a non-structural wall. According to the article, buyers today want an open floor plan with the living room right off the kitchen. It’s all about big spaces.


Light it up

Realtor Mag advises homeowners to keep the home bright by leaving windows open to allow natural light to flood in, installing sun tubes, or using lights that use motion detectors to turn themselves off. High wattage bulbs can help make a small space feel bigger, while soft lighting adds warmth to empty spaces, according to This Old House.


Enhance the front door

Realtor Mag warns homeowners not to underestimate the importance of the front door. Home buyers often make up their minds within the first seven seconds of entering a home, so considering adding an overhang on the front porch, such as an awning or portico.


Pay attention to the floors

Realtor Mag recommends spending money on your floors. A $600-900 investment could help boost the home’s value by as much as $2,000. Spend the money on eliminating squeaks, repairing broken tiles, patching floor boards, and removing wall-to-wall carpeting.


Tackle easy bathroom upgrades

A major renovation would be nice, but small upgrades can really make a big difference. Realtor Mag suggests swapping frosted glass for clear, removing rust stains, applying fresh caulk, updating doorknobs and cabinet pulls, replacing faucets, buying a new toilet seat, or installing a low-flush commode in your bathroom.

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