Tips for the First-Time Camper

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Here at Rent It Today, we’re big on camping. Whether it’s with family or friends, there aren’t many things better than heading out into the wilderness and enjoying a little time away under the stars or sitting by the campfire. If you’re new to camping and aren’t quite sure what to expect, check out the tips for a first-time camper below, courtesy of Megan Brame-Finkelstein for The Huffington Post. Have fun!

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Be prepared

Finkelstein recommends researching weather patterns of the area you plan to go camping before heading out. Also, be sure to pack essentials, she says, that will make your life easier including flint, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a basic first aid kit.

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Keep your feet a priority

Finkelstein says that if a first-time camper only remembers to pack one thing, he/she should make sure that one thing is wool socks. Keeping your feet dry and injury-free, she says, will help ensure your hikes to and from the campgrounds are successful. Wool is great at wicking away moisture, but cotton will also work. She also advises campers to invest in good waterproof boots that are also comfortable and can handle different terrains.


Learn basic skills and work from there

Finkelstein says it’s important that all campers know a few basic skills before heading out such as starting a fire or dressing a wound. Start with the basics and expand your skill set each time you camp.

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