How to Shoot Sweet Videos with the GoPro Drone

Tips for shooting with the GoPro drone

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From weddings to real estate, drones are being used to capture images and video from unique vantage points. One of the more popular drones for these types of shots in the GoPro HERO4 Black. Below, we’ve shared a list of tips to help you get the most out of your GoPro, courtesy of the folks at GearBrain.

Where Can I Rent a GoPro Drone

Conditions, lighting, location, practice

Gearbrain says that these are obvious factors, but they’re important. Wind conditions and rain can wreak havoc on your flight and harsh daytime lighting or too march darkness can ruin a shot. Gearbrain recommends planning your shoots around sunrise and sunset to “help keep the wind at bay and capture your subjects in that perfect soft-lighting.” Additionally, Gearbrain says that location is everything. Research the regulatory policies of a location before shooting and have an idea of how many spectators might be present (you want to limit distractions). Finally, make sure you take some practice flights beforehand, says GearBrain. This will help cut back on the number of outtakes and allow you to feel a bit more comfortable.

Keep size in mind

GearBrain says that smaller drones have the ability to get close to their subject and are maneuverable, so take advantage of their size. Plan shots close to the ground, they say, and as close to the subject as possible. Try out multiple angles for each shot if you have the time and battery life.


Don’t forget to capture action in your shots, says GearBrain. Remember to follow the action and try to view the drone as another character in the movie. Doing so will “help you achieve an organic and natural fell, while adding complexity to your action shots.” GearBrain also says it’s important to try and achieve the slowest and steadiest movements possible. To do so, practice flying your drone slowly and don’t forget you can speed up a shot with a few minor edits.

As you can tell, drone cameras are revolutionizing numerous industries for good causes. You can rent one for your own purposes. Are you looking to record scenery in your own commercial or independent film? Maybe you’re surveying land for a building construction project? Either way, Rent It Today can connect you with drone camera rental providers in your area. Drone rentals open up a wide range of video shooting possibilities for videographers, photographers and RC hobbyists. 

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