Best Ways To Travel Long Distance On A Motorcycle

Tips long distance motorcycle rides

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If you’ve ever been on a motorcycle, you know there aren’t many things better than a weekend road trip to explore new areas. Before you set out, however, it’s best to be prepared. Below, we’ve shared a few tips for long distance motorcycle rides from the experts at Clutch & Chrome. Safe travels!

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Tire maintenance

Depending on your route, Clutch & Chrome says riders are sure to encounter a variety of road surfaces and conditions on their journey. Therefore, riders should choose a tire suited to the unexpected environment. Rough roads require a strong grip and thick tread. For smooth highways, thing reduced rolling resistance and fuel efficiency. Also, be sure the tires are inflated to the correct pressure based on load size. Finally, be sure to pack a tire pressure gauge, pump, and repair kit.

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Clutch & Chrome says the key to a long distance trip is to pack light. Bring enough snacks and water to last the day and replenish as necessary. It’s also smart to carry a map. It’s not uncommon for your smartphone or GPS to lose a signal while riding in certain areas.

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Speaking of weight

It should go without saying, but don’t operate your motorcycle if it is packed beyond the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer. Your bike’s suspension will thank you.


Have a coherent plan

Long distance trips bring risks, says Clutch & Chrome, so make sure you have a solid plan. Know the range limit of your motorcycle and make sure there are plenty of places to get gas along the route. This also goes for accommodations, food, and other needs. A smartphone is a great tool so make sure you download everything you need ahead of time.

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