Landscaping Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value

Landscaping tips for your home

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There a lot of ways to increase your home’s value – remodel the kitchen, finish the basement, replace old carpet with hardwood flooring – but it can be hard to make a big impact on a small budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to work with but want to add value, you might want to focus your attention on your garden. Below, we’ve shared a list of landscaping tips to bring a lot of wow for a rather small investment, courtesy of Jane Wilson for RealtyTimes. Enjoy!

  1. Solve all your problems with plants. To combat nosy neighbors and noisy roads, Wilson recommends planting trees, shrubs, and/or flowers. She notes that plant barriers are becoming more common than fences and also provide the added benefit of producing oxygen. Sure, they take some time to grow, but Wilson says it’s worth it (and buyers make think so, too).
  2. Mulching and weeding. Mulching and weeding makes your garden look well-kept and seem low-maintenance to potential buyers, Wilson says. Wilson also recommends choosing a utility mulch, such as pine bark, which looks really neat.
  3. Limit the number of plants you grow. Wilson says that you should fight the urge to create an “outdoor paradise” and aim for a “more simple and neat outlook for everything.” The garden should be tidy and well-organized and should appear easy to maintain. With that being said, don’t overdo it and instead find a middle ground.
  4. Define the lawn edges. Wilson says that at the very least, you should mow and edge your lawn to make it more appealing to buyers. Edging makes your lawn look “tamed and restrained” and is easy to do. Use a sharp spade to create a line of separation or use stones or timber to create a physical barrier.

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