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It’s a Dirty Job

Medical linen services providers play a vital role for hospitals and the healthcare industry. If you’re in the healthcare profession, we’re preaching to the choir but it should be repeated–your clothes are probably dirtier than you think. Wearing dirty clothes on your day off is one thing but mixing your hospital scrubs in with your regular wash can lead to the transfer of germs and fecal matter–a hazardous element to introduce to a sterile medical environment where germs are prevalent.

Numerous studies have revealed the danger of carrying pathogens on nurse scrubs, to and from work. Among the questions asked in one study conducted by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). If nurses begin their work shift with sterilized uniforms, how much do their uniforms become infected and by what organisms? Do the bacteria live on the uniform hours after the shift? The research concluded that healthcare provider’s uniforms can be vectors that spread infections in hospital and community settings.

A simple run through the washer and dry should be enough to kill the pathogens, right? Not quite. A regular laundry wash session may not be enough to eliminate the germs present on your hospital scrubs. In another study, researchers examined bacteria levels in clean undergarments and found that 0.1 grams of fecal matter are found on every pair of clean underwear. Washing clothing in low temperature settings fails to kill the germs–water between 140 and 150 degrees is required to kill present germs. Failure to do this could be problematic if you’re mixing your underwear in with hospital scrubs, especially if your pressed for time. Hiring a hospital laundry service to keep your work scrubs clean and fresh is a great option, which is why Linen Finder is your one-stop solution.

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Linen Finder can help you find the medical linen services in Orlando, FL and nationwide if you work in the healthcare industry. Locate a company in your area that offers scrub services, medical uniform rentals, doctor scrubs, nurse scrubs, lab coats, warm ups and more.

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