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Some tasks are best left to the pros. A good example is climate controlled self storage. Creating a climate controlled storage environment in your home or business would present a daunting task, and maintaining it securely and consistently all day, every day would be a challenging full time job.

Utilizing one of  Houston, TX storage rental facilities that offers climate controlled storage, you not only leave that job to experienced pros, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your important possessions are safe and protected from damage. All day, every day.

Because climate controlled storage facilities typically cost a little more to rent than standard units, determining whether the benefits are justified by the extra cost is an important consideration. Storage in a secure climate controlled environment offers significant advantages for many items.

An item can be insured, but can it be replaced? Something that cannot be replaced is a prime candidate for a climate controlled storage space. By controlling temperature, humidity, mold, mildew and dust, it is possible to prevent damage which can render an item permanently ineffective or useless.

Houston Self Storage RentalHigh or low temperatures, as well as high humidity, are the leading causes of damage to goods in storage. Scorching hot summers, bitter cold winters, and environments that experience wide fluctuations in temperature and/or high humidity throughout the year can leave their mark on even the most durable items. Choosing climate controlled storage will prevent costly damages like warping. This is why wood items, and particularly pianos and guitars, are stored in climate controlled areas.

Some good examples of items which benefit from climate controlled self storage include pharmaceuticals, electronics, furniture, software, important documents, chemicals, musical instruments, microfilm, and videotape. Anything that can be corrupted by the elements or temperature or humidity extremes requires climate controlled storage. A good rule of thumb is: if you can’t or don’t want to replace it, or cannot afford to replace it, store it in a climate controlled space.

It is important to know that parameters for climate controlled storage may vary significantly between storage unit providers. In general, climate controlled storage units should not fall below freezing or exceed 90°F. Prospective renters should learn specific temperature ranges of climate controlled storage before committing to an agreement. Some self storage providers are flexible and can offer specific environmental control options to their renters on a customized basis.

On a final note, don’t overlook the added bonus of climate controlled storage which is the comfort of moving goods into and out of the space. Heat, cold, rain and sleet might not deter the US Mail, and it won’t interfere with your storage access either.

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3 thoughts on “Metro Houston TX Self Storage Rental

  • Bob Schrichte Post author

    Great observation and very true, Amanda. I had a friend who once stored an expensive sofa in a unit which was not climate controlled. It was affected by humidity resulting in a small amount of deterioration and also developed a musty smell. Climate controlled storage is definitely worth considering for fabrics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Amanda Dawson

    Keep in mind that renting a climate-controlled storage unit is also the best solution for storing any fabric materials, such as couches or even cushions for outdoor furniture. Climate control helps to ensure your items are not exposed to moisture, and can prevent them from smelling musty over time.


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