How to Get the Best Rate on a Vacation Home

How to get the best deal on a vacation rental

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Summer is over, which means school is back in session and fall break is around the corner. If you’re wanting to get away but don’t want to camp out in the sweltering heat, maybe an oceanfront condo or cabin in the woods is the way to go. To make sure you get the best deal possible on your vacation rental, we’ve shared a list of tips from Nancy Dunham for Money Talks News below. Safe travels!

  1. Talk with the owner or manager: Dunham says when you rent a hotel room, you’re just a number. Being courteous and asking a lot of questions to a private property owner can go a long way to securing a great deal, says Dunham.
  2. Negotiate: If a client can’t afford a prime property at their destination, an owner might be able to another property that is just as nice but off the beaten path and also easier on the budget.
  3. Consider space: Dunham says it’s important not to get carried away when browsing properties and to look for a space that is a suitable size. There’s no sense paying for a three-bedroom home, if it’s just you and your spouse, she says.
  4. Weigh luxuries: Sure a hot tub or fire pit is nice, but will you use it? If not, Dunham says it’s silly to pay extra for these types of amenities.
  5. Ask about discounts: Dunham says that if you are renting a place for more than a week or booking multiple units, ask if there is a price break. Also, if you return to a property more than once, let the manager or owner know because you might get a discount for that as well.

For the rest of Dunham’s tips, click here to read her article in its entirety.

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