How to Pick the Perfect Tent for Camping

How to pick the perfect tent for camping

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With summer in full swing, you can bet that campgrounds across the country are staying busy. If you’ve ever spent time camping, you know that it’s important to have the right equipment if you want to enjoy your time outdoors. If you’re new to camping or simply looking to upgrade your gear, we’ve shared a few tips below to help you pick the perfect tent:


The number of people accompanying you

Tents are usually characterized by the number of people camping with you, says Mixon. Therefore, when considering which tent to buy or rent, make sure you have a “clear idea of how many people are going with you” and how much gear you’ll pack.

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The type of season rating you require

Mixon says that it’s important to consider the type of climate of the area you will be visiting when picking a tent. Choosing a tent with an appropriate season rating will help ensure your camping experience is a comfortable one.


The number of doors it should have

Mixon says that when you are camping with family and friends you need to make sure the tent has proper access for exit and entry. As a general rule of thumb, a single-door tent is good for solo travelers. If you have more than one person, go with two doors.


The total weight of the tent

You tend to carry a heck of a lot of gear when camping, so Mixon recommends “a lightweight tent that is easy to carry on long distance trips” to help lighten the load.

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The pegged type or the freestanding type

It all depends on the terrain, says Mixon. If you have a freestanding tent without pegs, you can put it anywhere. If you opt for the pegged variety, you’ll need a relatively soft terrain to pitch it.

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