Here’s How to Plan a Last-Minute Summer Vacation

Okay, maybe you weren’t planning on taking a vacation this summer, but now you just need to get away. Maybe it’s the stress of work, maybe the kids are driving you crazy at home, or maybe you just need an adventure. Whatever the reason, you still have time to take a trip before the season comes to a close. So what are the best ways to plan a last-minute vacation? We’re glad you asked. Below, we’ve shared a list of last-minute planning tips, courtesy of Allison Eberle for The Huffington Post. Have fun!

Making a Travel Budget

Set Your Budget

Eberle says your budget will determine how far and long you can travel. If you’re on a tight budget or have tight time constraints, stay close to home, she says, and visit a nearby national park or cool coastal town. If you have more time and money, be spontaneous. Consider places you’ve wanted to visit, she says, but keep your mind open to locations that present themselves when checking out last-minute flight deals.

Making Time For a Vacation

Make the Time to Get Away

Eberle says that traveling is good for your health, “so stop making excuses and create time to get away.” If you’re busiest at work during the summer, consider taking a long weekend. It can be tricky to plan a last-minute vacation, but the key is to make time for your getaway rather than waiting for spare time to present itself. It rarely will.

Travel Alone to Florida

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Alone

It can be hard to get someone to tag along at the last minute, so consider traveling solo. The perks? You can do what you want, when you want. Consider a stay at a hostel, joining a group tour, or taking a cooking class, says Eberle. Feeling antisocial? No worries, says Eberle. Pull up that beach chair and “put your nose in a book.” Hey, it’s your vacation.

For the rest of Eberle’s tips, click here to read the article in its entirety.

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