Drones Being Used in New, Unique Ways

DJI Go Pro Hero Drone

The many uses of drones have been discussed at length on blogs such as this one for quite some time. Using a drone to film a wedding? Nothing new. How about to survey farmland? Yawn. To deliver packages? That’s old news. So what are the unique ways drones are being used now and what can we expect for the future? Below, we’ve shared a few examples, courtesy of Steven Overly for The Washington Post. Enjoy!

Learning to Ride from Aerial Anthropology on Vimeo.

Elder and End-of-Life Care

A Cleveland-based company, Aerial Anthropology, is using drones to “show people with terminal illness and living in hospice their beloved locations, such as a childhood hometown or favorite vacation spot, one final time.” The owner of the company says that “patients are grateful for the visual escape” and plans to expand outside of Ohio are in the works.

Virgin Tennis Drone


Virgin Active, a health club chain owned by Richard Branson, is offering a drone that serves tennis balls to players looking to perfect their swing, writes Overly. Also, at the University of Nevada at Reno researchers are working to develop a drone that “monitors the path of blind runners using a pair of cameras and emits sound to guide runners as they make their way around a track.”

Wildlife Research and Preservation

Two endangered species of fish were found by a biology professor at Samford University using a drone to access areas that are tough to reach by boat and survey waters at a closer distance than helicopters. Additionally, in Cape Cod, a private research facility has used drones to gather photographs and breath samples from humpback whales. According to Overly, a drone is affixed with petri dishes and hovers over the whale’s blowhole as it exhales, then returns to the ship where the sample is frozen before its microbes are studied.

To read the rest of Overly’s article in its entirety, click here.

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