Here’s How to Make Sure Your Summer Vacation is a Safe One

Tips for staying safe on vacation this summer.

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Ah, summer. The best time of the year to grill out, lay by the pool, or head to the beach for a much-needed vacation. Although there is much fun in the sun to be had while visiting the beach, there are also a few things to think about before you grab your bag and beach chairs. Below, we’ve shared a list of health tips to make sure your week away from the real world is a relaxing one, courtesy of Kris Radcliffe for Safe travels!

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Start with the car

Radcliffe recommends making sure your vehicle is in full operating order and to double and triple check that any items tied to the roof or trunk are secure before leaving for vacation.

Surfing Safety

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Be careful riding waves

Radcliffe says that you should be careful riding the waves, especially when body surfing, once you hit the beach. The way the beach is sloped “can make the water very shallow very quickly causing people to hit their heads on the sand.” This is the most common cause of aquatic spinal cord injuries, he says. Diving head first into waves can also cause cervical spine injuries. Take time to watch the water for a few minutes before entering, advises Radcliffe.

Adjust the seat

Radcliffe says you should always make sure the seat of your beach cruiser is at the proper height. This will help prevent neck and back pain associated with a seat that isn’t adjusted properly while on vacation.

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Wear the right shoes

Radcliffe says that your footwear is appropriate for bike riding. Flip-flops and loose-fitting sandals can get caught in the chain or pedals or fall off completely which can be dangerous and may result in an accident.

Check for trip hazards

Radcliffe recommends checking the beach house for rugs, mats, or other objects that could trip you. Radcliffe says he sees a number of people who fall down stairs at their beach house because they aren’t familiar with their surroundings.

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