How to Market Your Business on a Small Budget

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If you’ve recently opened a small business, you know that spreading the word about your products and services isn’t easy even with all of the great technology literally at our fingertips. Sure, you could drop hundreds, thousands or even more on a tailor-made marketing plan, but that can be both risky and hard to fit into the budget in the early going.

So what can you do to boost brand awareness and drive customers to your site or shop? Below we’ve shared a list of inexpensive but creative marketing strategies to help you highlight your business, courtesy of Matthew Toren for Good luck!

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Share your central “why”

Toren says it’s important to “develop a narrative that differentiates your company from others and sparks conversation.”

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Don’t just sell – engage

Toren says you should fight the urge to sell to everyone all the time and instead give your company relevance and participate in discussions where your business isn’t the primary focus. Social media, he says is a great way to engage your target demographic and build brand trust by showing your support of your community or your followers.

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Carve a niche and build industry credibility

Toren says you can’t let your small budget prevent you from carving out your own niche. Use blogs, webinars or podcasts to offer an insider’s perspective to those on the outside. You can also speak at an incubator, expo, or niche event to play the role of teacher and “allow you to share your groundbreaking ideas with an immediate audience.” Networking and sharing your expertise with others can help you prove your abilities to your community, Toren says.

For the rest of Toren’s tips, click here to read his article in its entirety.

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