DIY That Will Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

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As the real estate market heats up, more and more homebuyers are turning their attention to outdoor living spaces when making a decision to buy. From outdoor kitchens to larger porch spaces, there are several key amenities that most buyers find attractive. So what are these key amenities? Below, we’ve shared a list of four of the most requested, according to Thom Cunningham for Happy buying (and selling)!

Backyard Kitchen Installation

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Outdoor kitchens and dining areas

Cunningham says that many homebuyers are looking for full outdoor kitchens “outfitted with built-in grills, stainless steel appliances, ice makers, granite countertops, and islands.” While some are willing to spend money to retrofit basic backyards after they move in, Cunningham says it’s a plus when homes come pre-equipped.

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Plenty of porch space

Cunningham says that many homebuyers “have grown nostalgic for rocking chairs, porch springs, and the front porch culture” of small towns. They want porch space, Cunningham says, and plenty of it. Space to host family and friends is a necessity for many homebuyers. They should be comfortable, and could include such amenities as outdoor fireplaces, ceiling fans, misting systems, bars, televisions, or a screened-in patio.

Tools For a DIY Project

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