Rent It Today Expands Reach In Medical Equipment Rental Industry


Since teaming up to provide digital marketing services to companies in the medical equipment industry, ARI and Rent It Today (RIT) have continued to evolve the rental world by networking with a large base of durable medical equipment rental companies nationwide. As of June 2016, Rent It Today is now providing digital marketing services to medical equipment rental companies nationwide.


The partnership has helped RIT grow and expand our content management system. Adding new, ARI-affiliated clientele to a growing list of medical equipment providers has proven to be challenging at times according to Rent It Today Senior Account Representative, Les Courtney, who has been instrumental in bridging the gap between RIT and the new clients. Just trying to schedule a time with the decision makers of these businesses has proven difficult at times. The hard work begins at the ground level with client outreach. Courtney, understands the challenge in reaching potential clients in the medical equipment rental industry:

“These are people that are dedicated to their work and spend many hours staying busy, meeting the needs of their communities,” says Courtney, “which, in the end, is great for us because these are people that love the rental business as much as we do.”

Clients RIT has partnered with in recent months include: Alpine Home Medical – Salt Lake City, Utah, Apex Medical – Conway, Arkansas, Washington Medical Equipment – Washington, Pennsylvania, Area Medical Supplies – Woodville, Texas, Hawaiian Islands Medical – Honolulu, Hawaii, Jim’s Home Health Supplies – Lincoln, Nebraska, Performance Respiratory – Rapid City, South Dakota, PA Healthcare – San Diego, California, and Reliable Medical Supply – Kansas City, KS.

Find Medical Equipment For Rent Through Rent It Today

When seeking medical equipment rental providers in your hometown or at a trip or vacation destination, Rent It Today will assist you in finding the right medical equipment rental provider near you. Servicing clients internationally, you can find virtually any medical device through our comprehensive medical equipment rental listings. Connect with a provider in your area that accepts Medicare and delivers your rental today.

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