First Time Camping? Here’s Must-Have Gear for Your Backpack

A list of camping essentials

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Looking for an inexpensive way to keep the kids entertained (and out of trouble) one weekend this summer? Take them camping in the great outdoors! Whether you decide to rough it in a tent or sleep comfortably in a camper or RV, there are still some essentials you’ll need to pack before you head out on that next adventure. Safe travels!


A poncho

You’ll definitely be glad you packed one if the rain starts falling and you want to keep you and your backpack dry. Never rule out the possibility of rainfall when you’re on a long camping trip. Instead of letting your clothes get soaked, a simple poncho can drape over your torso and keep your whole outfit dry.


A lighter or matches

It’s good to know how to start a fire from scratch but it sure is more convenient to have a pack of waterproof matches or lighter stored away for emergency use. You’re going on a camping trip, not filming an episode of Survivorman, so, take it easy on yourself and bring one (or both) of these items!

Swiss Army Knife

A multi-purpose knife

Scissors, can openers and sharp blades all serve a function on an outdoor camping trip, why not bring all of those items on one handy pocket knife? We recommend going with a military grade pocket tool knife if possible. Camping knives are rugged and can withstand a beating.

Flashlight with Compass and Match Holder

A flashlight

Your mobile phones flashlight app will be of no use if you don’t have a power supply to charge it. Therefore, bring a flashlight and some spare batteries so you can find your way around when it gets dark. Among other uses, a flashlight at night can spare you from stepping on snakes when collecting firewood–bring one. You’ll be glad you did.

Camping First Aid Kit

A first aid kit

It should go without saying but you’d be surprised how many amateur campers go a full day into a camping trip only to realize they didn’t pack a first aid kit. Not only in camping applications, the standard first aid kit is an important part of traveling and should be well stocked with disinfecting wipes, bug repellant, band-aids, and more. You can get burned by a fire, cut yourself on a thorn/knife, be bitten by mosquitoes, or eat something bad. Any number of things can bring your camping trip to a screeching halt, so, be prepared.

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