Wheelchair Transport Goes 21st Century with Robotic Arm Vehicle Installation

New Robotic Arm for Wheelchairs Invented

Photo courtesy www.paravan.de

Although it looks like something you might see in a futuristic film, the latest invention devoted to wheelchair transport could actually be a useful tool for many disabled drivers around the world.

The development from German based Paravan was the subject of a story at Electrek.com.  Paravan is a leading manufacturer of electric wheelchairs  and accessories to adapt vehicles for people managing disabilities.

The company installed a robotic arm in a Tesla Model S to “illustrate the functionalities of the product and the range of vehicles it can be installed on.”

The robotic arm, the “Robot 3000”, can automatically lift a wheelchair up to 55 pounds from the trunk of a vehicle, move it to the driver’s side, and extend it all the way to the driver’s door. It also opens and closes the trunk automatically.

The company says that the robotic arm can be installed in almost any car with enough trunk space for the system and is able to get the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle “without bumping into anything.”

To view the robot arm in action at Youtube. please click here.


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