10 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn Like a Pro

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If Spring brings rain in your neck of the woods, it feels like you’re cutting the grass seemingly on a daily basis. The stuff seems to sprout out of the ground like asparagus!

If you’re like many lawn jockeys and are always looking for ways to mow the grass easier and more efficiently, you may benefit from considering the following tips from The Family Handyman.

  1. Leave the clippings where they fall: The Family Handyman recommends letting the clippings lie. They release nutrients into the soil and form a mulch to keep moisture in the soil. On the other hand, if you’ve waited too long to mow, collect the clippings. Piles of clippings from cutting long grass can smother the grass beneath.
  2. Self-propelled mowers deliver an even cut: Sure, pushing a mower is a great workout, but if it’s a finely manicured lawn that you’re after, The Family Handyman says a self-propelled mower is best. Because the cutting speed stays consistent and all four wheels are more likely to stay on the ground while riding on rocky terrain, it will deliver a smoother cut.
  3. Mow with sharp blades: Dull mower blades can rip through blades of grass instead of slicing them cleanly which can stress the plant.
  4. Cut short before winter: You won’t have to worry about this for several months, but just this one time of the year, set your mower to cut 1 ½ or 2 inches and mow your grass short. This will lessen the likelihood of snow mold and prevent tall grass blades from lying down and smothering new grass in the spring.

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One thought on “10 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn Like a Pro

  • Robert Wiggins

    Another very important mowing of lawn tip is never to mow your lawn if the grass is wet. It will cause negative effects like your mower getting damaged and the lawn becoming messy. Mowing of lawn should be done only when the turf is dry. Adopting the right lawn mowing techniques like changing the mowing direction etc will surely help in achieving a healthy and attractive lawn.