What to Consider Before Renovating an Old Home

Tips for restoring an old home

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Here along the river in Northern Kentucky, historic homes dot the landscape. From old Victorian and Italianate homes to shotgun-style houses from the post-Civil War area, you’ll find some beautiful architecture in the region’s urban core. If you’re someone who is looking to invest in an older home or just loves to fix things, Northern Kentucky is the perfect spot for you. Before you decide to plop down that down payment on that 1903 two-story, take a minute to read the tips below from Jennifer Fernandez on renovating an old home. The article originally appeared in a recent edition of Architectural Digest.

Dig deeper

In the article, Fernandez mentions one couple who renovated a circa-1917 Arts and Crafts residence in New York. The living room was clad in Louis XVI-style boiserie, but the couple found an original drawing of the room and learned that what was originally there was grid-pattern millwork. After cutting a hole in the paneling, they found the preserved oak beneath it and made it a prominent design element in the space.


Lay the groundwork

Fernandez says it’s important to have an inspector check existing systems and structures before you even think about doing anything aesthetically. It’s easier, she says, to repair electrical and plumbing work as well as roofing and windows before you’ve painted or hung wallpaper.



Embrace the patina

In the same home, the couple used plaster with metal lath for walls in lieu of Sheetrock. Their work led to a visit and compliments from Martha Stewart.


Decorate with new old things

To give the appearance that the home had been furnished over time, the couple replaced damaged floorboards with reclaimed 200-year-old oak and decorated the dining room using a mid-century Marx table and a pair of 1910 Tiffany pendant lamps.

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