Learn to Ride a Motorcycle in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to ride a motorycle

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I love motorcycles, but truth be told, I’ve never ridden one solo. Before I was born, my dad took his 1967 Triumph out on the country roads of Indiana often. Heck, even my younger sister has her motorcycle license. Although I always find myself daydreaming about hitting the open road on that back of that TR6, it makes more nervous to climb in the saddle the older I get. If you’re like me and thinking about learning to ride but aren’t sure where to start, check out the tips below, courtesy of Jason Fogelson for RideApart.com. Good luck!

Basic Motorcycle Safety

Try a Class

Fogelson recommends taking a riding class before committing to motorcycling. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, he says, has a great program – Basic RiderCourse – which is available in most parts of the country. Additionally, he says, many locations have motorcycles available for loan or rent in conjunction with classes, so you can see if you like it before buying a bike.

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Hit the Dirt First

Fogelson says that had he had a chance to do it all over, he might have started out on a dirt bike. The skills you can acquire riding on the dirt, he says, “will translate to better control on pavement.” If you can handle cornering dirt, he adds, a “little bit of gravel on a city street won’t freak you out.”

Motor Scooter Vespa

Scoot Before You Ride

Fogelson says that even if you decide to learn on a scooter, take a training course. Sure, scooters have automatic transmissions and are simpler to operate, but you should have a basic understanding of how to handle yourself on two wheels before riding. MSF also offers Scooter School for entry riders or you can search for other scooter training classes in your area on the Internet.

Rent Motorcycles and Riding Equipment For Touring

Rent Motorcycles in Southern California

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