Rent It Today & ARI Network Services Team Up


Medical Equipment Rental MarketingRent It Today and ARI Network Services have started a working relationship that aims to assist companies in the medical equipment industry. How? By helping medical equipment rental customers find and rent the equipment they need from the right provider. The partnership combines the top flight website construction capabilities of ARI with the proven marketing strategies of Rent It Today.

“Both companies share the common goal of helping companies in the medical industry,” says Jason Glass, Rent It Today CEO.

Over the years it has been a challenge for medical professionals, patients and caregivers to find the medical equipment they need in an efficient, timely manner. For example, if a customer is searching for a hospital bed in Atlanta, Georgia for a month long rental, the customer wants to be able to reserve and pay for the rental item immediately. Often times, that’s not possible.

ARI Digital Marketing Services Teams with Rent It TodayThe ARI & Rent It Today partnership will utilize their digital marketing teams to remedy this issue by making search easier, implementing effective SEO strategies to ensure customers connect with a medical equipment rental company, then expedite their equipment rental online.

“Both the renter and rental company want the process to be simple,” says Glass, “We’re listening and now the rental process is easier on the ARI Medical Equipment sites along with Rent It Today.”

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