How to Camp Off the Grid in Your RV


Although most people wouldn’t consider camping in a RV to be “roughing it”, there are definitely some challenges when taking an RV off-the-grid to an area without electric or water hook-ups. To help make sure you’re prepared for your next dry camping experience in an RV, we’ve shared a few tips from an article from MLive Marketing. Happy trails!

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Water Management

According to the article, “maintaining and conserving your water will help you extend your dry camping trips.” Start with accessories to minimize usage such as low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads. You should also practice good conservation habits when doing routine chores such as brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. You should also consider bringing along additional water storage containers.


Plan for Power

The article recommends making a list of all the items on board that require power throughout the day and know their usage requirements. As you gain a better understanding of your power needs, you’ll be able to accommodate for generator or solar needs. Simply put, take stock of your inventory that requires electric power before the trip.


Know Your Spot

It’s important to be well-versed in the terrain and climate where you intend to go camping. You should also be able to avoid direct sunlight and know the wind patterns in the area. This will help you use nature to “maintain a suitable camping climate.” There’s more to be considered than simply pulling up in a spot in the wilderness and setting up camp–do a little research of the grounds and get a feel for the area and its surroundings. Will I be able to leave quickly in an emergency? Are there dangerous predatory animals known in the area?


Protect Yourself

When dry camping, you should also know what wildlife you may encounter. Keep items such as bear spray, air horns, and heavy-duty flashlights on board for protection. You never know what kind of danger you may encounter when in the wild. Check the gun laws in the area to know if you should bring extra protection.

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