How to Have a Great Camping Trip on a Budget


Here in Northern Kentucky, the weather is warm and it’s still summer vacation. What does that mean? It’s camping season, baby! While camping is already a relatively inexpensive way to travel, there are several ways you can save even more money and still have a lot of fun.

Below, we’ve shared a list of tips from the experts at Field & Stream to have better camping trips on a budget. Safe travels!

Coleman Stove

Go Basic

The experts recommend using the same basic set of cooking gear, sleeping bags, tent and so forth, regardless of whether you’re camping to hunt or fish. Also, be sure to keep it all ready to go to make every upcoming trip easier.

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

Make A List

The experts recommend making a book of lists that cover everything from cooking gear and personal items to first aid and fishing tackle. This will help you decide what to pack and what to leave at home.

Gallon Water Jugs For Camping

Bottle Your Water

To save on ice and to ensure potable water, the experts recommends filling and freezing 2-liter plastic bottles with water at home. These frozen bottles will keep your camping cooler cold and dry, while providing ice water as they melt.


Pack Simple Meals

The experts recommend stocking up on Ramen-style oriental noodle soups because they’re light to carry, easy to fix, and give a quick, hot meal for less than 20 cents a serving.

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