How to Find Medical Equipment You Need at

Find Medicare approved medical equipment rental providersNeed to find a durable home medical equipment rental company that accepts Medicare but not sure where to start? When your budget is strained and you need to find the right medical device, time is of the essence. That’s why we’re sharing here a simple process for finding a medical equipment rental company near you that accepts Medicare.

Find Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Rental Providers

Open on your web browser, scroll down the screen until you see the “Find” links displayed in the image below. If you’re searching for medical equipment, you’ll need to click the link circled in the photo. This will take you to the “Supplier Directory” screen.


Find medicare approved medical equipment rental suppliersSearch Supplier Directory

After selecting the “find suppliers of medical equipment & supplies” link, you’ll jump to the Supplier Directory where you’ll be prompted to enter in the zip code of the desired area of service for your medical equipment needs.

Medicare Supplier Directory Home Medical Equipment RentalsSelect Competitive Bid Category

From here you’ll enter the zip code for the area you’re seeking medical equipment. If that’s the area in which you live, type that zip code in. The CBP (Competitive Bidding Program) aims to lower the cost for you and Medicare by finding the lowest, most accurate price available. Qualified, accredited suppliers with winning bids are chosen as Medicare contract suppliers. Fraud and abuse are limited with this method. The CBP applies to original Medicare only.

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment RentalNon-competitive bid categories can be selected. Below is a selection of the category types you can select at As an example, we’ve selected Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDS) in the 41015 (Covington, Kentucky) zip code area.

Medicare Medical Equipment Rental CategoriesSupplier Directory Results

After searching using the competitive bid categories you’ve selected, you’ll go to the Supplier Directory Results screen. Here is where you’ll find medical equipment companies in your zip code region which accept Medicare assignment.

medicare5Find Medical Equipment Rentals through Rent It Today

This is the process for finding medical equipment and supplies through If you’re looking for medical equipment rentals in your area, feel free to visit where you can find a company near you to meet your medical needs.

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