How to Handle a Large Touring Motorcycle

Tips for riding a touring motorycle

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Over the past few decades, the size of touring bikes has steadily increased. In fact, a big touring bike is now about twice the weight of the average streetbike. With all of that extra weight – including the weight of you, a passenger, and your gear – it’s important to know how to stay safe in emergency situations when riding. Below, we’ve shared some tips for avoiding trouble on the back of your hog before it happens, courtesy of John Stein for Cycle World.

  1. Look Ahead: Stein notes that “more mass can result in longer stopping distances; a longer wheelbase and more relaxed steering rake widen turning radiuses; while loaded side bags increase overall width and can raise the center of gravity.” Therefore, Stein recommends increasing following distances, taking turns as smooth, steady arcs, and gauging gaps and distances often throughout the ride.
  2. Practice A Lot: Stein says that riding a heavy bike will get easier if you “practice tight maneuvers, sudden stops, and emergency-avoidance actions.” Use an unused parking lot as your practice course, he says, to build “crucial muscle memory.”
  3. Chose Solid Footgear: Stein says it’s important to invest in quality boots to help provide a better foothold and ultimate protection. If they are motorcycle-specific, even better.
  4. Go All Arnold: Stein says that regular weight training for the legs, arms, chest, and core will help you handle a heavy bike with authority. You should notice a difference just a couple of weeks into the program, he says.

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