Why Mulch? The Benefits of Mulching Your Landscape


Spring is here which likely means you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors working in the yard. To keep your landscape healthy and looking fresh, be sure to mulch. Why? Below, we’ve shared a few tips from an article from Craig Grabow from Central Lawn Care in Walton, Kentucky for The River City News. Happy gardening!

Why you should use mulch in your landscape

Soil Nourishment

Natural mulches such as wood chips, leaves, bark and composted veggies all break down into organic matter that enriches the soil with nutrients. These nutrients feed the root systems of the plants above, for better-fed, beautiful shrubs and flower.


Mulch is nature’s insulation. Just as the insulation in your home keeps the temperature comfortable for you, mulch keeps all the microbes in the soil at just the right temperature, too, so they can flourish. The result? Healthy, thriving plants.

salad-water-garden-plantMoisture Control

Mulch captures water before it runs off, trapping necessary moisture and preventing evaporation­–especially in high-heat seasons. Inside the mulch and organic matter, there are pockets of space where water can collect and seep down deep, hydrating your plants.

Added Benefits

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and mulch can certainly add a dimension of beauty to your landscape. In addition, it can prohibit the growth of some weeds and time spent weeding. While it doesn’t eliminate weeds, it certainly helps reduce them.

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