Drones to Start Delivering Food in Asia

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The many uses of drones have been well documented over the past several months. The unmanned aerial vehicles have been used to shoot scenes in major Hollywood films, survey farmland, deliver supplies as part of relief efforts, and carry out military intelligence operations. Now, they’ll be used to deliver takeout food to people’s homes.

According to story in Forbes, the CEO of Foodpanda, the world’s largest online delivery platform, announced the company has plans to roll out new drone delivery technology throughout all 24 of its markets, including Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. The company will be the first to offer food delivery with drones, after testing the concept in Singapore last year.

Foodpanda’s CEO, Ralf Wenzel, hopes drone delivery will cut delivery time to 20 minutes, a full 10 minutes faster than the company’s average delivery time in Hong Kong.

While the concept will improve delivery times, there are a number of technical issues the company is still trying to work through including balance, obstacle avoidance, limited battery life, payloads, as well as regulatory issues, according to the article.

To date, only a few countries have drone laws that require permits to fly the unmanned aircrafts. Also, in other places, there is no legislation to protect the drones or those who might be hit by drones while they are making a delivery.

Wenzel says that the company will do everything with legitimacy and make sure the drones are legally protected.

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