The How-To Guide to Prep Your Lawn for Spring

Tips for getting your lawn ready for spring.

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Here in Northern Kentucky, the weather has been beautiful for the past few weeks. While the temperatures have been a bit chilly, the sun has been shining and lots of folks have been out in the yard planning and prepping for the spring growing season. So where should you start? Below, we’ve shared a list of tips from Sam Wylie-Harris for Good luck!


Lawn treatment

Wylie-Harris says now is the time to give your lawn a health check. Start a new lawn by turfing or seeding if it is filled with moss or weeds. Feed the grass with lawn fertilizer, she says, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If it’s in good shape, first cut it, keeping the blades set high.  If it’s long, cut if regularly and lower the blades each time to the length is reduced gradually.

Coming up roses

Wylie-Harris says that now is the time to plant roses if you have heavy soil. Mix in some well-rotted compost to give them the best start, she says, and select an open, sunny spot for the best display.

Rake it in

Wylie-Harris recommends scarifying the lawn with a rake to remove thatch and moss and help with oxygenation. If you have a lot of moss, apply a moss killer and wait a few days.

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Ground rules

Wylie-Harris says you should aerate your lawn to improve drainage. Make holes 10-15cm deep and fills the holes with a mixture of sane and organic soil conditioner to keep the drainage open.

Weeding out trouble

In her article, Wylie-Harris says weeds can be really active in the spring and can quickly take over a lawn. Therefore, it’s important to get the root out. Wylie-Harris recommends using more environmentally-friendly products before going with chemicals.

For the rest of Wylie-Harris’ tips, click here to read her article in its entirety.

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