Preparing Your Bike for Spring Rides


Well, warmer temperatures are slowly rolling in. For bike enthusiasts, spring is arguably the best season of the year, so it won’t be long before roads and bike paths across the country are packed with two-wheelers. If you’re one of those bike enthusiasts anxious to get back on the road, we’ve shared a list of things you might want to consider doing before getting behind those handlebars.

Below, we’ve provided a list of four ways to prep your bike before your first ride, courtesy of Samantha Tomaszewski for Happy trails!


Run Through the Gears

Start the spring check-up by shifting through all of the gear combinations on your bike. Make sure the chain moves smoothly without any skips or stiff spots, she says, and listen for any clicking, popping or grinding issues, which can indicate issues with the drivetrain.


Show Your Tires Some Love

You should pump up your tires to the preferred pressure, wait 24 hours, and check them again. If the tube goes flat, it needs to be replaced. If it loses more than 75 percent of air overnight, you should probably replace it. For tubeless tires, make sure the sealant inside is liquid.


Tighten Things Up

Take this opportunity to check all nuts and bolts to make sure they haven’t loosened. Be sure to tighten any loose bolts with a torque wrench, she says, and watch out for bolts that have seized.


Bring it to the Shop

If you run into any of these problems and don’t feel comfortable taking care of it on your own, take it to a reputable bike shop. Tune-ups at most shops will cost between $35 and $70, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing the bike is safe to ride the entire spring.

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