How to Film Your Very Own Wedding Video

desert-wedding-314603_960_720It’s no secret that weddings are expensive.  From the dress to the venue to the reception and everything in between, there isn’t anything cheap about the ceremony. There are, however, ways to cut costs if you’re creative or a do-it-yourself type. While most couples will spend more than a $1,000 to hire a videographer to shoot their wedding, it’s not necessary. In fact, it’s possible to handle the whole video on your own – if you follow the right tips.

Designate and empower a specific person to be your videographer

Ask a friend or relative to step up and have a clear conversation about being your videographer. Leave them feeling empowered, Tioxon says, and make them feel special. It might also be helpful to split up duties among friends throughout your big day.


You can record a quality video on affordable camera options.

Use whatever camera you can get your hands on

Use a smartphone, tablet, DSLR, or even a camcorder to film your wedding. If it’s most important that your wedding day is filmed, don’t worry about whether it is HD quality suitable for Blu-ray discs, says Tioxon.


Eliminate shaky cam with a stable camera tripod.

Use a tripod

The tripod is a must-have piece of equipment no matter what you’re using to film the ceremony. Handheld videos are shaky and unstable. If you’re going to shoot a video longer than 45-seconds, use a cheap tripod (and proper mount if you’re using your smartphone).


Static shots and stable dollies can make for a re-watchable home movie.

Move slowly or not at all

Make sure that your friend knows that the ultimate goal is to have steady, usable footage. It doesn’t have to be artful, he says, and should just capture what is going on. Tioxon recommends that they move the camera as little as possible and film “just the facts”.

Where Can I Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Planning a wedding and in need of decorations, video equipment, lighting equipment, or a limo? Rent It Today has a solution. GoPro cameras are available for rent through Rent It Today for your wedding ceremony. DvDepot provides camera equipment that can meet the needs of any video production–including your outdoor wedding.


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